Accident Insurance – 24-Hour On & Off-the-Job Coverage

Underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company

What happens if you get hurt?

Accident insurance can help offset medical deductible, help reduce stress and recovery time.

Are we covered for that?

Accidents and injuries can happen at any place at any time. It is important to protect yourself and make sure you can bounce back from whatever life may throw at you. Transamerica Life Insurance Company’s new AccidentAdvance® offers benefits for accidents. It is an advancement in accident coverage. It is AccidentAdvance.

This policy pays in addition to any other insurance.

Understanding AccidentAdvance®

AccidentAdvance is an accident only insurance policy with individual and family coverage is available.  Issue ages for employees and spouses are 18 through 64. Eligible children can have coverage through age 25. Base coverage includes Accident Emergency Treatment, Follow-Up Visit and Physical Therapy, Initial Accident Hospitalization.

Riders Included in Coverage:

• Expanded Benefits Rider
• Accident Hospital and ICU Income Rider

This is a brief summary of the AccidentAdvance® Accidcent Insurance underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA.  Policy form series CPACC100 & CCACC100. Forms and form numbers may vary.  This coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.  Limitations and exclusions apply.  Refer to the policy, certificate and riders for complete details.

Accident Benefits
Benefit Highlights Benefit Amount
Accident Emergency Treatment Benefit: For physician Treatment and X-rays in a hospital or doctor office within 96 hours of an accident $150
Major Diagnostic Exam Benefit: For one CT Scan, MRI, or EEG completed within 90 days of the accident $240
Accident Follow-Up Treatment Benefit: Maximum three (3) follow up visits $50/Visit
Physcial Therapy Benefit: Not to exceed 10 treatments per accident $50/Visit
Initial Accident Hospitalization Benefit: Payable once for the first hosptial admission due to an accident $1,050
Ambulance Benefit: Ground Ambulance Air Ambulance $210
Accident Hospital Income Benefit: Treatment of injuires beginning within 30 days of accident up to 360 days $100/per day
Accident ICU Benefit: While person is receiving hospital income benefit payable for up to 15 days $300/per day

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