One Meeting for a Clear Strategy
We present employers with smarter plan design options–often in just one meeting. We can save employers countless hours of review by modifying plans face to face and showing the impact of plan design changes immediately.

Premium Complexity
The complexity of community rating premiums significantly increases the amount of number crunching required–that means the spreadsheets that employers are used to seeing are more dense and complex than ever. Complex premiums lead to a lot more confusion, work and re-work. We simplify calculations with immediate results.

More than Averages
Using only premium cost averages to present options to employers isn’t enough. We want to show employers the employee premium information presented both ways: as averages and as individual premiums.

We Simplify Self-Funding
Self-funding is a fantastic option to help many employers (even smaller employers) manage health care costs, but it can be complex. We will simplify the self-funding conversations with the Dynamic Plan Designer. We will use our expertise and easily explain this alternative funding strategy with side-by-side comparisons, using an interactive presentation tool.

Level-Funding Advantages under the Affordable Care Act:

Mandates & Taxes
Self-Funded Plans are exempt from many costly new mandates and state taxes; roughly 3% in savings, immediately.

Eliminate ACA Provisions
ACA provisions that do not apply to self-funded plans:
Annual limitation on deductible
Guaranteed issue of coverage
Community rating with tighter age bands

Unlimited Plan Designs

Four-Tier Composite Rate (Employee Only, E/Spouse, E/Child(ren) and E/Family), no community rating.

Cost Containment Strategy
Higher probability to reduce cost and trend of medical benefit expense.

Flat Monthly Billing Includes:
Medical & Rx claims liability
Biometric screening
Stop-loss insurance premiums
Administrative expenses
PPO network access
100% return of unspent dollars

Our goal is to analyze, predict future costs, engage at-risk members, and reduce overall healthcare costs, not benefits!


Value Proposition
Achieve a long-term relationship focused on bringing value to your Health and Welfare Benefits.

Carrier Analysis
Evaluate carriers and product availability, make recommendations and provide rigorous selection criteria and performance     objectives.

Plan Implementation
Securing the best insurance package and provide ongoing assistance to ensure a smooth, effective open enrollment and   provide personalized customer service throughout the plan year for employees and dependents.

Provide monthly employee communication on Wellness Initiatives and managing healthcare costs.

HR Compliance
Offer support to your HR Department needs: ACA Compliance, Benefits Connect (online benefits system to reduce your workload administering Health & Welfare Plans), Cobra, Educational articles on important HR issues, plus tools such as surveys, benchmarking, and a comprehensive employee handbook.

Employee Education and Training
Provide group or one-on-one open enrollment meetings to ensure all employees fully understand their new benefit programs.

How Do We Measure Up?

Insurance Broker Services VTA Benefits Center
1. Quarterly & Annual Benefits Review Yes
2. Annual Renewal Review Yes
3. Annual Marketing and Bidding Yes
4. Open Enrollment Meetings with employees in Person Yes
5. Custom Plan Design & Analysis Yes
6. Partial,Level,and Self-Funding Yes
7. Benchmarking & Analysis Yes
8. Claims Advocacy Yes
9. ERISA (5500 & SPD) Compliance Yes
10. Dedicated Employee Support Yes
11. Claims Audits Yes
12. HR & Compliance Help Concierge Yes
Benefits Administration Software VTA Benefits Center
1. Cost to Employer and Employees Yes
2. Online Renewal & Open Enrollment Yes
3. Online New Hire Benefits Enrollment Yes
4. Online COBRA Administration Yes
5. Benefit Deductions in Payroll Yes
6. Mobile Application Yes
ACA Compliance Software and Automation VTA Benefits Center
1. Cost to Employer and Employees None
2. Calculate Employee Benefits Eligibility Yes
3. Track Minimal Essential Requirements Yes
4. Signature Ready 1094-C and 1095-C Yes
5. Electronic Individual Employee Notices Yes