Short-Term Disability Income Insurance

Underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company

TransDI Plus Disability Insurance

TransDI Plus helps replace income lost from a short-term disability by providing up to 60% of base annual salary if a covered person is unable to work due to total or partial disability of not work-related. This policy’s monthly benefit can be used to help cover costs if you are without a regular paycheck such as:

  • Mortgage/Rent
  • Car Payments
  • Groceries
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Utilities
  • Daily Living Expenses

Eligible Benefits and Amounts

A member is eligible to receive benefits:

• When totally disabled
• Under a physician’s care
• The accident or sickness is non-work related
• The selected elimination period has been satisfied

Pre-Existing Condition Limitation:

• No benefit for a pre-existing condition until the insured has been continuously covered under the policy for 12 consecutive months
• Must be performing the duties of his or her occupation for 30 continuous days after the first 12 months of coverage

 Base Coverage:

• Waiver of Premium – An insured employee does not pay premiums after 90 consecutive days of total disability or the satisfaction of the elimination period, whichever is later.
• Partial Disability Benefit – A partial disability will be paid if an insured becomes partially disabled due to the same cause as total disability. The benefit is 50% of the initial benefit.
• Accelerated Benefit for Terminal Illness
– If employee is diagnosed with a terminal illness for the first time, on or after the effective date, we will accelerate the monthly disability benefit for the remaining months of payments of the maximum disability period of the contract, up to 12 months. Rider Form Series CRDITI00
• Mental Illness Limited Benefit
– Totally Disabled due to a Mental Illness, regardless of the cause, Disability Benefits will be paid for the period. Mental Illness means Disability due to or resulting from psychiatric or psychological conditions, regardless of cause. The term Mental Illness does not apply to dementia, if due to Stroke, Trauma, Viral infection, Alzheimer’s disease, or other conditions not usually treated by a mental health provider using psychotherapy, psychotropic drugs, or other similar modalities

When do Benefits Begin?

After satisfying a 14 day waiting period for either a sickness or accident, the plan will pay the selected benefit amount based upon the policy applied for (6 months or 12 months) or the end of the disability which ever is sooner.

Waiver of Premium Provision

This benefit goes further to ease the financial burden of disability. Premiums are covered after 90 consecutive days of total disability or the elimination period whichever is longer. Refer to the contract provisions for limitations.

Partial Disability Benefit Provision

When recovering from a disability activating the Waiver of Premium Provision, if an insured can only return to work on a limited basis, TransAmerica will pay up to half of the monthly benefit amount, starting the first day following the end of the total disability.

Accelerated Benefit for Terminal Illness Rider

If a covered person is initially diagnosed with a terminal illness (12 months left to live) by a physician on or after the effective date of the rider, 12 months of disability benefits are paid in advance.

Benefit Type Payable for Elimination Period
Off-the-Job Accident Up to 12 Months 14 Days
Sickness Up to 12 Months 14 Days

Monthly Income Benefit

This can be elected by the employee or contractor in desired amount (in $100 increments) between $400 and $3000 monthly, up to 60% of basic monthly earnings.

This is a brief summary of the TransDI® Group Short-Term Disability Income Insurance underwritten by Transamerica Life Insurance Company, Cedar Rapids, IA.  Policy form series CPDI0100 & CCDI0100. Forms and form numbers may vary.  This coverage may not be available in all jurisdictions.  Limitations and exclusions apply.  Refer to the policy, certificate and riders for complete details.